So many people today, especially the young ones, are thinking about getting settled in some other countries, and to get settled there, they need to have a job which can pay them enough to spend their life conveniently. And global jobs consultancy services have proved themselves to be highly useful for this purpose.

This concept of going out of our country and settling in foreign countries is termed as ‘Brain drain’. When I first came across this term, it was introduced to me as a wrong thing, but now whenever I hear ‘brain drain’, I wonder if this concept should actually be considered as wrong?

I am not here to judge whether ‘brain drain’ is wrong or right, but one thing certainly, it’s always up to the individual, it’s a matter of what a person thinks. Although I too believe that ‘brain drain’ is not something which can be considered as a boon, it has disadvantages but only to some extent. After all we know that the extreme of everything is bad, and ‘brain drain’ here is not an exception. But it is wrong if an individual is getting the opportunity to go out and fulfill their dreams but the concept of ‘brain drain’ is stopping him to do that in any way. Even getting a job in other countries is not a big issue because of the global job providing recruitment agencies.

Actually ‘Brain drain’ is not a very new concept if we think deeply, it’s the normal nature of every living thing, and even the birds go wherever they get more things to feed on. And that is exactly what ‘brain drain’ is, in the countries where the development rate is not that high or the value of their currency is lower than other countries, ‘brain drain’ is common.

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